For Fun

Because work-life balance is important! And, because the best creative inspiration often comes when you're not thinking about it. Here's how I spend my time outside of work.

My sister and I in Machu Picchu, Peru.


My parents gave me the "travel bug" in me when I was quite young. I believe that experiencing other cultures across the world is some of the best education I've ever had, and gives me a great appreciation for different lifestyles and opinions. Plus, there's just so much cool stuff to see in the world! If you're real curious, here's a google map of places I've been.

The Great Outdoors

I live in Colorado. It's no secret that the weather here is amazing, and people who live here spend a ton of time outside, all year round. My favorite fresh-air activities include gardening, tennis, golf, snowboarding, bicycling, scuba diving, and just relaxing on a patio with a glass of wine and good company. 

Surveying the next hole @ a golf course in Keystone, Colorado.

Antique buffet refinish . . . a work in-progress.

Creative Outlets

Ever since I was little, I've loved art. It's one of the main reasons I work in design. If I could get paid to make doodles for a living, I would. Unfortunately, I'm not that great of an illustrator. Regardless of my skill level, I like painting and pottery, I sing in a local community choir, and have recently gotten into antique furniture repair and refinishing.