• BOSS UI Design - red
  • BOSS UI Design - yellow
  • BOSS UI Design - blue
  • BOSS UI Design

Summary: One of my first projects when I began work at Starz was to help with the redesign of the Boss website, which was in the process of being updated for its second season. I was asked to provide the creative directors with some ideas for a new design for the user interface, as well as a few color scheme options.

Process: The previous version of the Boss website had become somewhat cluttered, and was no longer easy to navigate. So an important requirement for this project was to keep the design clean and simple. I created three different color schemes, with each design also showcasing some different options for the various UI elements, such as buttons and hover-states. The blue color scheme was chosen, and the overall layout and design was also incorporated into the websites for the other Starz Originals.

Client: Starz Entertainment

Visit Boss 2 on starz.com