• CSR Microsite - Apr 2013
  • CSR Microsite - Apr 2013
  • CSR Microsite - Jan 2013
  • CSR Microsite - Nov 2012
  • CSR Microsite - Aug 2012

Summary: A microsite created specifically for affiliate employees to provide them with information about the Starz brand, products and shows. The website also serves as a resource for training materials. I am currently the sole designer and developer for this website – providing monthly updates and design changes.

Process: I was assigned to this project shortly after starting work at Starz. The website had already been built, but was in need of a complete redesign and code update. In collaboration with the project manager, I re-worked the layout of almost the entire site, creating a much cleaner and simpler user experience. I also re-wrote vast portions of HTML and CSS to be more efficient and extendable, while eliminating obsolete and unused code, and incorporating more modern techniques.

Client: Starz Entertainment