• Louisa B Logo Design
  • Louisa B Business Card Design
  • Louisa B Sticker Design

Summary: Design of various branding materials created for a local small-business jewelry designer. Assets included logo design, business cards, and stickers to use on packaging and envelopes.

Process: Louisa’s jewelry designs are focused on nature and organic forms – she wanted her branding materials to reflect that while also incorporating her name or initials into the logo. I began with sketches of various design explorations, which we then refined into a print-ready form using Adobe Illustrator. She also wanted to use the logo as a stamp that she could emboss into her jewelry – the design needed to still be visible on very small surfaces, so I focused on creating a simple yet fluid shape that would translate well into many different forms.

For her business cards, Louisa wanted to incorporate a drawing she had made for one of her jewelry designs. I recreated the ink drawing in a vector format, and then created card designs based around the image, providing her with options for both layout and color palettes. Louisa was drawn to the idea of using shades of green or red for her color palette, and we settled on a selection of subdued, earth-toned shades to further emphasize the organic nature of her jewelry designs.
Louisa B Business Card Concepts

In addition to the business cards, Ms. B wanted a sticker that she could use to seal boxes and packaging. I provided a number of color options, from which she chose her favorite.

Louisa B Sticker Concepts

Client: Louisa Berky (freelance project)