• EMMY FYC design1
  • EMMY FYC design2
  • EMMY FYC final design
  • EMMY FYC in-browser

Summary: This design was created to promote selected Starz Original Series to EMMY judges. The “FYC” is a term commonly known in the industry, and stands for “For Your Consideration”. This image was placed in a special section on starzplay.com which was created specifically for the purpose of promoting our shows for award nominations.

Process: The image was part of large, integrated publicity campaign to encourage EMMY judges to nominate the selected Starz Originals for EMMY awards. As such, the design needed to provide a cohesive look-and-feel, which would coordinate with other parts of the campaign, both digital and print. After providing many design options, and numerous creative reviews with both marketing and publicity, the final design was chosen for its incorporation of the Starz on-air branding, and overall simple yet intriguing aesthetic.

Client: Starz Entertainment